Vegetarian Eating StyleVegetarian Diet Plans

Is your vegetarian diet missing out on key minerals and nutrients you need?  We have developed specific guidelines for people who wish to follow vegetarian or vegan eating plans. For those trying to lose weight a plan requires some changes in the protein content, so it's not a good idea to simply eliminate the animal foods without balancing the other foods to make up for the loss of protein.

Vegetarian diets are associated with a reduced risk in heart disease and other diseases, and are generally very high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and anti-oxidants. However, plenty of you who are following a vegetarian diet, are not making the most nutritional food choices. For example, those who eliminate meat and replace it with high fat dairy products are making a big mistake. Their diets become higher in saturated fat and cholesterol and more unhealthful! Likewise, some vegetarians pay no attention to the quality or quantity of baked goods, refined and processed foods, and their diets are no more healthy than a non-vegetarian.

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