iet Program For Families
Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD

Are You A Busy Person? Probably.
Diets for the whole family
It's hard to lose or maintain a healthy  weight when your focus is off you, and on your children, partner, school, work, or something else.  Maintaining a healthy body weight and losing weight can be especially hard for women as they have different metabolic needs than a man of the same height and weight and age.  

  • Just think what happens to a woman during and following pregnancy....  

  • What about the family cook? 

  • The high stress job? 

  • Being in school? 

Our lifestyles as women dictate when, what, and how often we eat, and this in turn affects body weight.  Many people snack instead of eating a meal, dine out frequently, or eat mostly convenience foods. As nutrition professionals, dietitians are trained to help you eat to meet your personal goals. By designing your diet and taking your lifestyle into consideration, they can offer you the tools you need to help you follow your plan to a successful outcome.

Women have extra body fat to begin with by their physical make-up, and women often struggle with body image and weight gain following the birth of children. Have you noticed that most quick weight loss schemes are directed at women? Yet this is the worst road for a women to take when it comes to weight control!  

Chances are that if you're an adult woman with some extra body weight, you've spent a good deal of your life struggling to eat less, and in the process you've been getting less of the nutrition you need for energy and for good health.  A very large person can afford to eat 1000 fewer calories a day and still lose weight - a smaller women who tries this will be eating too far below the calories they need to sustain a healthy body, so quick, drastic diets are not the answer for anyone, especially not for women!

People who diet, especially smaller people, and especially women, are getting smarter about diet (many have learned the hard way). They now recognize that lasting weight control comes when new eating habits are developed that really last and that these same habits and foods you eat to lose weight are the same good foods that help you maintain your desired body weight.  

If you are one of the millions of women looking for weight loss help, choose a diet that considers your individual needs. Some diet companies "herd" you through their program. As a woman, you have specific needs, such as protecting your body from osteoporosis and increased risk of diabetes and heart disease as you reach menopause, and protecting your body from the poor nutrition of lower calorie fad diets. Make sure that your diet considers this and incorporates them into a specific plan. Get a realistic diet you can live with along with the extra care and professional support you deserve!  

Healthy Diets - for Weight Loss & Improved Health!