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We can't blame just low fat diets or low carb diets for our epidemic of obesity in America
“Scientific evidence indicates that the best diet for most people is one that improves their lipid (cholesterol and blood triglyceride) profile, avoids harmful cancer-promoting substances, and limits excess calories that lead to unhealthy weight gain and other chronic diseases." writes Carolyn Classick-Kohn, MS,RD.  

On her diet website she notes that the best diet is not a low fat or a low carb diet.  
"We need to get away from putting our diets into "low fat" and "low carb" camps and do what makes sense; eat the right amount of high nutrition foods, choose good carbohydrates, good fats, and good protein foods. Nutrition is a fairly young science, and we are constantly learning new things about the role various foods play in the prevention and development of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, new information can contradict what we thought was true 10 years ago, and this can be confusing to the public."

"Eat Right"  - Weight Loss Diets that work!
Weight Loss Diets 
for Improved Health

Which diet works?"We have to go with the best information that science has to offer, and learn to trust our intuition and common sense in sifting through unfounded claims and sometimes dangerous diet fads.  Most weight loss diets are designed for short term weight loss and don't address personal needs. Once you do the hard work to lose weight, wouldn't it be nice to have a plan that meets this need, and contains the essential elements found to be most successful in maintaining a healthy body weight.  These key elements are missing in many fad diets, but are recognized by diet and nutrition experts (registered dietitians).

In the diets designed by registered dietitians, your calorie needs are based on body weight, sex, age, and your level of physical activity. 
These determines your “metabolic rate”.   As you age, you lose muscle tissue and your calorie needs decrease. Which means, you can not eat the same amount at age 40 that you did at age 20 or you will gain weight!  No matter how pleased you feel when you lose weight fast, it doesn’t compare to the down side of gaining it back!  Real weight control happens only when the plan is a permanent and realistic for you over the long term. If you are looking for a weight loss diet - look for a plan that considers your eating habits and your physical characteristics, and helps you with your own challenges."

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