Sugar Busters

Type of Diet:
Low Glycemic Index, Low Sugar, High Fiber,

Foods You Eat on this Diet:
whole grains, fruits, vegetables with low a glycemic index, avoids grains, fruits, and vegetables with high a glycemic index and avoids refined sugar. 

Emphasizes that sugar is "toxic" to the body and is based on the glycemic index of foods instead of nutrient composition or calories. 

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
Emphasis on avoiding highly processed foods helps keep many low nutrition foods (like most desserts) out of the diet, and this can help with calorie control, which is important for long term weight maintenance.

Eliminates a lot of "junk" foods

Overemphasis on glycemic index to determine food choices, therefore eliminates many healthful, beneficial foods unnecessarily. 

  • Eliminates many healthy carbohydrates
  • Focus is on a single dietary issue

Key to cost rating


Safety and Health Issues

Dietitian's comment
Generally safe, although athletes and hard core exercisers need high glycemic carbohydrates for fuel and should avoid this diet.  
Diet Surf Recommendations
Recommended with reservations - diet is basically safe but goes overboard on the sugar toxicity issue and overemphasizes one aspect of food metabolism, the glycemic index.

Dietitians comments about the Sugar Busters Diet
Although Sugar Busters helps people to reduce their intake of "empty" calories from refined carbohydrates like sugar, it overemphasizes the importance of the glycemic index, which is a measure of a food's effect on raising blood sugar levels. The glycemic index of a single food changes when that food is eaten with something else. So, since most people eat meals and snacks that are mixed (fat, protein, and carbohydrate) the glycemic index doesn't have the impact that this diet asserts. Sugar is nutritionally useless, but it is not toxic. Insulin resistance comes from obesity, and eating too many calories, not just a single carbohydrate

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