Type of Diet:
Food combining

Foods You Eat on this Diet:
Combines different foods on the premise that they should be eaten together for particular health effects. Fruits and vegetables are encouraged.

General Info:
This diet promotes food combining without scientific evidence to support its claims of benefits.

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
This diet reduces calories and eliminates many junk foods which can be helpful in maintaining healthy body weight. Food combining, however is not required to accomplish this.Positives: Reduces "junk" foods, encourages fruits and vegetables. Encourages frequent small meals.

Unnecessarily complex meal planning required to combine different foods without a real benefit.


Safety and Health Issues
Unsupported by scientific evidence
Promotes invalid nutrition practices
Eliminates healthful foods without reason

Diet Surf Recommendations
Not Recommended

Dietitians comments about the Sommersizing Diet
Since food combinations plans like this have no science to support their diet claims, it promotes invalid beliefs about how to maintain a healthy diet. These diets complicate the process of choosing and eating healthful foods which may turn a lot of people off before they get long lasting benefits from reducing unhealthy foods. The human body is designed to be smart enough to digest all types of foods at once, and separating them doesn't make a bit of difference in losing weight.  Reducing calories, increasing the amount of lower fat, nutrient rich foods, and reducing the number of times that low nutrient foods are eaten are the keys to losing weight.

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