Scarsdale Diet

Type of Diet:
Low Carbohydrate, High Protein

Foods You Eat on this Diet:
lean animal foods, fruit, vegetables, herbal appetite suppressants 

Rigid meal plan without snacks. Extreme carbohydrate restriction induces rapid water weight loss. Goal is rapid weight loss.

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
This is a diet designed for one to two weeks only, not long term weight control. 

Positives: Rapid weight loss for those who thrive on quick results.

Weight regained after going off the diet and returning to former eating habits.


Safety and Health Issues
Extreme restriction of carbohydrate makes this diet unhealthy. Herbal appetite suppressants can be dangerous for many people.

Diet Surf Recommendations -- Not recommended for anyone.

Dietitians comments about the Scarsdale Diet
This diet has been around for many years. If it was the magic cure for obesity, it would have worked a long time ago. Rapid weight loss and extreme diets can produce quick results but are typically very disappointing to the dieter when weight loss returns just as quickly. 

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