Pritikin Diet

Type of Diet:
Low fat, low caloric density

Foods You Eat on this Diet
unprocessed fruits and vegetables, lean animal foods, non fat dairy foods, low fat carbohydrate foods

General Facts:
Diet is based upon choosing foods that contain 400 Calories or less per pound.  

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
This approach should help with keeping portions and calories in check, which should help with weight maintenance.

Positives: Lots of fruits and vegetables and low fat carbohydrate foods encourages healthier eating and controls calories.

May be difficult to follow long term as diet is quite low in fat

Key to cost rating

Safety and Health Issues
This diet is nutritionally safe if you choose a variety of foods.

Diet Surf Recommendations
Recommended as a healthy diet, but may be too restrictive for most people to follow long term.

Dietitians comments about the Pritikin Principle Diet
This diet is quite low in fat and may be too restrictive for people to follow long term. Otherwise it is a safe diet and may be especially beneficial for those with risk of heart disease.