Mediterranean Diet

Type of Diet:
Balanced, heart healthy

Foods You Eat on this Diet
Variety of whole foods, similar to the diet of people who live in the Mediterranean - mostly Greece, Crete, Southern Italy. Foods include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seafood small amounts of poultry, and limited red meat and dairy products. The fat source is mostly olive oil or monounsaturated fat.
General Facts:
This diet is based on research that showed that a Mediterranean style of eating lowers cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease and that Mediterranean people have reduced risk of heart disease.

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
If this diet is followed along with proper portion control and exercise, it should lead to healthy weight control. 

Positives: A good variety of healthy foods associated with reduced risk of heart disease. Does not require special diet foods or supplements, and foods and recipes are easy to find. 

Diet is just one aspect of the Mediterranean lifestyle and may not be the sole cause of reduced heart risk. Still, this is a very healthy way to eat.


Safety and Health Issues
This is a well balanced, safe diet to follow and people have thrived on it for centuries.

Diet Surf Recommendations
Highly recommended.  

Dietitians comments about the Mediterranean Diet
Translating the Mediterranean diet for Americans can be a little tricky. Food portions need to be controlled, and even good fats like olive oil are high in calories. Mediterranean restaurants still serve portions that are too large for anyone on a weight loss diet. Get some professional help (preferably a dietitian's) and some lower fat, lower calorie Mediterranean cookbooks if you want to eat a Mediterranean diet and want to lose weight at the same time!