Mayo Clinic Diet

Type of Diet: 
High fat, low carbohydrate

Foods You Eat on this Diet 
Grapefruit-meat- and high fat foods like fried foods. No complex carbohydrates are included in this diet. 

Although it is called the "Mayo Clinic" diet, this diet is not endorsed by the Mayo Clinic. This diet claims that grapefruit has special properties that allow you to burn fat, and that eating large amounts of fat will cause weight loss.
Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
Depending upon grapefruit to burn fat  and eating until you are stuffed is not a short term or a long term weight loss solution.

Positives:  People who love to eat grapefruit, meat and fatty foods might enjoy unlimited amounts of these foods.

Drawbacks: This diet is too limited in carbohydrates and may cause low energy, and is based upon the unfounded notion that eating grapefruit burns fat. 


Safety and Health Issues
This diet is unbalanced nutritionally and encourages unhealthy food choices and overeating.

  • Fried foods and other fatty foods associated with heart disease and cancer are encouraged
  • Complex carbohydrates (the body's chief source of energy) are eliminated on this diet.
  • Eating large portions of food is not a good health practice

Diet Surf Recommendations- 
Not Endorsed by the Mayo Clinic and not recommended by Diet Surf

Dietitians comments about the Mayo Clinic Diet
The Mayo Clinic Diet is typical of fad diets that use scientific sounding names or famous people and places to promote a diet program. It is unfortunate that these ploys fool so many people looking for help.