Fit for Life

Type of Diet:
Food Combining


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Foods You Eat on this Diet 
Mostly fruits and vegetables.
Recommends eating foods in specific combinations and at certain times of the day.

Specific foods are eaten in combination throughout the day at specific times. Their claim is that this results in improved energy and a natural weight reduction.

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
There is no scientific basis for combining foods to cause weight loss or to assist in weight maintenance. Because the diet has many severe limitations on nutritious foods, it cannot be followed safely for healthy weight maintenance.

Positives: Not based on counting calories or grams of fat. You can eat as much of the specific foods as you desire. 

Lean protein foods such as lean meats and low fat dairy foods are restricted. Food combining rules are complex and difficult to follow, plus they are without scientific merit. 

Safety and Health Issues
Combining foods and eating them at specific times is not a proven way to lose weight or improve health. Severe food restrictions makes this an unhealthy diet to follow over time

  • Severe limitations on foods allowed, not enough variety to provide good nutrition
  • Requires serious changes in your diet habits.  Food combining can be complex without any real benefit except to limit food choices so that calories are reduced.

Diet Surf Recommendations
Not recommended

Dietitians comments about the Fit for Life Diet
Food combination diets are just a fancy way to restrict calories. Since they aren't based upon valid or proven nutritional principles, they can make eating well and losing weight much more complex and tedious than it needs to be. Diets that severely restrict healthy foods and insist upon having people combine foods at certain times of the day make them difficult to follow if you have something else to do besides eat. There are much easier ways to lose weight that make much more sense.

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