Type of Diet Reviewed:
Online computer generated meal plans, balanced nutrition. 

Foods You Eat on this Diet
Structured meal plans are provided using typical grocery store package foods and recipes with minimal substitutions. 

General Facts: The diet program is based upon weekly meal plans accessible only online at their website, which can be printed out. The forum platform/bulletin board is a large part of their program.

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
No data is provided on long term success of this online menu plan strategy. Long term success will depend upon individual's ability to choose healthy foods without using structured meal plans. 

Positives: Structured meal plans are simple to follow because the thinking is done for you, which can be helpful in the short term. No meetings to attend.

Drawback #1:
Poor prospects of success compared to other online diet in this study
.  A research study conducted by ObesityResearch.org indicates that eDiets™ was not as successful as others. 

"This study’s principal finding was that eDiets™.com produced minimal weight loss and was not as effective as a traditional manual-based approach."

Drawback #2:
Rigid meal plans can get boring quickly and many may find it hard to make food choices outside of the meal plan structure.


*eDiets™ is a trademark of eDiets™ Inc.,

Safety and Health Issues
This diet is based upon healthy guidelines and is well balanced, depending upon calorie level. 

Diet Surf Recommendations 
Recommended only for those who thrive on structure with a minimum of choice. Not recommended for a long term approach for most people who will tire of meal plan approach.
Dietitians comments about eDiets™
Structured meal plans have the same appeal as prepackaged food plans for dieters looking for an easy answer. These plans can be helpful at first, but are not a long term approach to eating in the real world - the true test of weight loss success.