Cabbage Soup Diet

Type of Diet:
Short term crash diet

Foods You Eat on this Diet: Low Calorie Cabbage Soup.  This diet purports that you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want for a period of  7 days, no more than two weeks. Some additional foods have been added to the recent version of this diet.

This is a diet designed for rapid weight loss (not fat loss) and is severely restricted in calories and nutrients. The diet does not make any claims about the magic of cabbage, it is simply low in calories. 
Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
No, because the diet is designed only for 7-14 days. This is not a diet that helps people change their eating habits and food choices, so the weight is likely to return once the diet is over.

Positives: Quick weight loss, diet period is short  

Drawbacks: Quick weight loss means less body fat is lost. Rapid loss of water weight is temporary which can be very disappointing to those who expect long term success.  

Safety and Health Issues 
This is not a healthy diet and has many safety concerns for those at risk for developing nutritional deficiencies on this diet especially if followed beyond its intended one week period. Many People report short duration health issues on this diet (headaches, weakness, etc)


Safety and Health Issues (con't)
Limited variety of foods and low caloric content translates to poor nutritional quality, low energy levels, and possibly stomach upset from too much cabbage at once.

Diet Surf Recommendations
Not recommended for anyone who needs to lose more than a few pounds. Review their health and age restrictions.
Dietitian's comments about the Cabbage Soup Diet
While the foods eaten on this diet are healthy (vegetables, brown rice, some fish) it is much too limited in variety and calories to make it work for the person who needs to lose more than two or three pounds. Losing weight (extra body fat)  takes time and a good nutrition plan that can actually be followed for more than one week. If you do follow this diet for a few days, follow it up with a real diet plan that can be followed long enough to lose weight and develop good eating habits to help keep you reach your goal weight and helps keep you there.