"Eat Right for Your Type" Diet

Type of Diet:
Diet is based upon blood type

Foods You Eat on this Diet: Your blood type determines what foods you are allowed ranging from modified vegetarian to large amounts of animal foods. The premise is that if you eat right for your blood type your digestion will improve, avoid viruses and infections, and prevent disease as well as lose weight.

This is not necessarily a weight loss diet and has a long list of specific food restrictions for each blood type.

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
Unknown, this diet is not really a weight loss plan.

Positives: Gives structure telling you what you can and can't eat.

Drawbacks: Very complicated to follow, many nutritious foods are eliminated. No scientific evidence supports the premise that people should eat certain foods based upon their blood type.


Safety and Health Issues
Basically safe because it lists specific foods that must be avoided but all others can be eaten. However: Eliminsates nutritios foods without reason. Practicality is difficult -- especially for family members with different blood types.  Lacks scientific proof.

Diet Surf Recommendations
Waste of time and effort

Dietitians comments: Many healthy foods are eliminated for different blood types, which encourages odd food practices and micro-managing your diet. Eating healthfully is much easier than this! Weight loss will result from restricting your food intake, just like any other diet.

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