by Personal Dietitian

Type of Diet
Balanced nutrition, heart healthy, flexible exchange program

Foods You Eat on this Diet
A balance of lean animal protein, low fat dairy foods, healthy carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and a healthy balance of good fats, similar to the Mediterranean Diet.

 This is a personalized diet program, flexible to client needs. Flexible programs for vegetarians, vegans, dairy-free diets, and plans for cholesterol reduction and other health issues.

Can you keep it off on this type of diet?
This diet promotes an eating style that is most associated with long term weight control and teaches you what you need to know to keep your weight off while you lose weight. 

Positives:  Flexible and easy to follow diet program that combines meal plans, exchange program and ongoing support and motivation through online membership. Program is designed and maintained by registered dietitians and customers have access to diet experts, not just technicians.

This is an online diet program, so if you need group meetings, you will need to add them to your program.



Healthy Diet>Online Diet: YES

Safety and Health Issues
This diet is  well balanced and promotes safe weight loss and heart healthy diets. Calcium supplementation is recommended for certain calorie levels. 

Diet Surf's Recommendation: H
A Highly Recommended Diet - A Custom Diet that's easier to follow

Dietitians comments about PersonalDiets 
This diet plan offers expert diet help and offers a flexible meal plan that's easy to follow and teac
hes you what you can do to keep your weight off once you lose it. There's also a comprehensive program offering a lot of information, but you can pace yourself, and the weekly support program makes it easy to focus on goals. A great program! 

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