Are You Skipping the Most Important Steps to Weight Loss?
Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD

The reason most people never take the first most important step to weight control is that it's missing in most diet plans!

That first step is:
Evaluate what you're doing now. Sure, we all know that we don't always "eat right" or that we simply "eat too much". But it takes more than common sense to make changes that lead to permanent weight control (otherwise we would all be at our perfect weight!)
At Personal Dietitian, we use a professionally developed diet survey that gets to the heart of what you're eating now. It's one of the differences between following a generic "off the shelf" plan and one that is designed to your needs. It helps identify the most effective changes you can make right away to have the most impact. It's a real eye opener, even for people who think they knew everything about their diet and how to "eat right."

  • Did you know that some of the foods you think you eat "once in awhile" can make the difference between losing weight and staying the same?

  • Do you know how often you can eat some of your favorite foods and still maintain a healthy diet that leads to good weight control?

The Second Step
Once you know where you're starting from, the next step is to identify the habits that you're actually willing to change and find a diet that helps you do this. A good diet program will help you move past eating from planned menus and away from eating out of the box - this is a commercial approach that often fails to give long term results because no one can stick to it, and then it's back to old habits. Individualizing your diet plan to your own lifestyle, eating style and health and weight loss goals is one of the keys to successful long term weight control. That's what Personal Dietitian's PersonalDiets is all about - helping you find a diet you can live with!


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