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The Value Ratings Is Based On:

  1. Does the Diet Have Large Food Choice -
    The amount of food choice a dieter can make is important so that a) they can eat a balanced diet but b) so that it natural enough to fit their food selection and eating lifestyles.
  2. Is the Diet Both Healthy & Reliable-
    For a weight loss diet to be effective over the long-term it should consist of a mix of healthy foods and be reliable for the user. It should therefore encourage good nutrition and habits that are easy to incorporate in the dieter's life
  3. Is it Safe?
    Weight loss plans that encourage quick, rapid weight reduction should be avoided.  Diets should promote a safe weight loss rate that the user can achieve with regularity.  This is typically no more than 1-2 pounds per week.
  4. What's the Likelihood of Long Term Success?
    A diet's long-term success rate should be evaluated and weighted more heavily using research outcomes or a diet's objective track record. 
    Use of "before and after" pictures and written testimonials should serve only as a minimal indicator of a diet's effectiveness and should be accompanied by long-term objective evidence.
  5. What's the Overall Cost

- Surfboards are expensive as are some diets; More surfboards indicate a pricey diet. 
= inexpensive  = moderate  = very costly!

Family Friendly -
This measure is important to families but not used in our overall value score


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