Balanced Diets
Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD

While this is not a glamorous name for an eating style, the plan makes a lot of good nutritional sense, and it is based upon improving people's health. In this plan, there is once again an emphasis on eating whole grains, cereals, pastas and rice, getting a reasonable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, using fats and oils in small amounts, and eating a balance of dairy products and meats. This plan fits well into a healthy eating plan, although we recommend a greater emphasis on eating monounsaturated fats and really limiting saturated fat in the form of dairy products and meat. We also recommend being more specific in terms of choosing only lean sources of animal foods, and limiting the calories for weight loss. Nutrition labels in the U.S. use the Food Guide Pyramid in their labeling to show the relative contribution that food makes to your daily allowance of certain nutrients.  An advantage of this plan is that it emphasizes a variety and balance to your diet, moderation rather than complete elimination of fat, sweets, and alcohol, and the foods are easy to come by and not unusual.

by a Personal Dietitian