Type of Diet
Flexible meal plans and customized eating programs emphasizing personal eating preferences such as dining out, favorite foods, recipes, and convenience meals.  Balanced nutrition for weight loss, heart health and wellness.

Foods You Eat on this Diet
Recommended foods include a balance of lean animal protein or vegetarian choices, low fat dairy/vegetarian options, healthy carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and a healthy balance of good fats, similar to the Mediterranean Diet. No food is off limits and clients can add favorite foods to their own menu plans.

Comments:  Client selects personal eating style and weight goals. Specific diet program and menu plan designed by dietitian is automatically matched to meet requests.. Client can quickly and easily add personal food choices, recipes, packaged foods, diet or sport foods and restaurant choices or follow recommended diet as is. Weight loss programs for vegetarians, vegans, dairy-free diets, and heart healthy plans for cholesterol reduction and other health issues.

Can you keep weight off on this type of diet?
This diet promotes an evidence based eating style associated with successful long term weight control. Nutrition tracking tools give client instant feedback on food choices on key nutrients and calories that help keep clients on track with diet and health goals.

Positives:  Cost effective, quick access and easy to use diet program that combines expert advice and recommendations for meal plans and eating guidelines with online tracking and convenient search/add tools so client can customize with personal food choices. Program is designed and maintained by registered dietitians so that diet plans and data base information is accurate, reliable and up to date.

This is an automated online diet program with social network support. For  those who need one on one nutrition help for special diet needs, we suggest an upgrade to siteís personal dietitian services at additional cost.


>Online Diet: YES

Safety and Health Issues
This diet is well balanced and promotes safe weight loss and heart healthy diets. Calcium supplementation is recommended for certain calorie levels. 

Diet Surf's Recommendation: 
Highly Recommended Diet

About the
Dietitian's comments

Dietitians comments about PersonalDiets 
We developed PersonalDiets automated program for the millions of people who want to lose weight, get into better shape and meet personal health goals but donít need one on one nutrition support or group/peer classes. This program is for self starters who want  the assurance of an accurate and reliable diet program but want the freedom to customize their own diet plans to reach their goals.






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